Our Services

Long Island Marine Construction Services

Pearce Marine Construction provides a full suite of services including bulkhead design, build and repair, sea walls, stationary and floating piers, docks, walkways, stairs, retaining walls, cliff work, helical piles, decks, and structure elevation. Proudly serving the North Shore of Long Island including Suffolk County, Huntington, Lloyd Harbor, Greenport, Aquebogue head of the harbor, and surrounding areas.

Pearce’s technical and construction expertise also make us a natural partner to carry out the most innovative engineering solutions for drainage, flood management and water flow and supply in cost effective, environmentally responsible and optimally designed and executed projects which meet local, state and federal regulatory requirements.

We execute engineered solutions for erosion, stormwater management, and flood protection. Pearce delivers on the solutions created through collaboration with municipalities, state and federal agencies, owners, and neighbors.

Seawalls and Bulkheads

Seawalls  provide critical protection to property. Solid bulkheads increase and retain property value, and allow for full use of adjacent property -- for pools, homes and more. Pearce works with notable engineers to design, construct and provide repair solutions for custom seawalls and bulkheads. We are versatile in approach and design, working easily across a wide range of materials, including pressure-treated wood, vinyl sheathing, aluminum, concrete, steel sheet pile,rock and more. Our highly skilled and experienced dockbuilders construct seawalls and bulkheads that last for many, many years. We also provide complete repair and replacement services for existing bulkheads.

Boat Docks and Floating Docks

We  custom-build with precision detail; we also construct gangways and platforms to provide additions to traditional structures, allowing for easy access to boats and personal watercraft in shallow and deep water. Floats are custom built,  in virtually any configuration to suit conditions.

Pile Driving

Pile driving provides the strongest piles available for standalone use or for construction of a pier, dock or other structure. Pearce installs piles made of timber, steel, concrete and sheet, and offers sturdy and long-lasting solutions.

Helical Piles

Helical piles are cutting edge, and among the strongest and sturdiest foundations available for marine construction projects. Helical piles are excellent solutions for tight or limited access areas where other types of supportive design solutions may not be reasonable.

Water Flow Solutions

We execute engineered solutions for drainage, flood management and water flow, erosion, stormwater management, and flood protection.

Decks, Walkways, Railings and Stairs

We design and build for the most discriminating of residential and commercial applications. We understand Americans With Disabilities Act requirements, Pearce understands loads, usage, and wear and tear; Pearce builds refined quality that lasts, and Pearce builds for beauty.

Repairs and Maintenance

We also consult on repair assessment and feasibility, with the goal of offering the most value for even the simplest repair or renovation.